Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Song of the Week': Damien Jurado-"Arkansas"

In my opinion one of the most under looked songwriters out there, Damien Jurado, will soon be releasing his new album, Saint Bartlett, on Secretly Canadian this May 25th. For the new disc Jurado teamed up with fellow label mate Richard Swift who helped produce the LP. Saint Bartlett was recorded entirely at Swift’s National Freedom studio in Oregon, in just under a week with only Jurado and Swift as the performers.
You can get familiar with the new song, "Arkansas" below.
And if your like us and your into all things Jurado, don't miss his latest side project with his brother Drake called, Hoquiam. They just released a new album last month on St. Ives records. Check them out here.

Damien Jurado-"Arkansas"

01. Cloudy Shoes
02. Arkansas
03. Rachel & Cali
04. Throwing Your Voice
05. Wallingford
06. Pear
07. Kansas City
08. Harborview
09. Kalama
10. The Falling Snow
11. Beacon Hill
12. With Lightning In Your Hands

more at DamienJurado.com

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