Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Alcoholic Faith Mission releasing new album next month

Denmark band, Alcoholic Faith Mission are set to release their newest album, Let This Be The Last Night We Care, this April 27 on Paper Garden records. The disc is the third album from the band and follows up 2009's, 421 Wythe Avenue, which was named after their recording space in Williamsburg.
The new disc is described as showcasing the bands soaring harmonies, walls of electric guitars, and the groups trademark infinite textures.

Let This Be The Last Night We Care track listing:
1. Put The Virus In You
2. My Eyes To See
3. Closer To Dallas
4. Got Love? Got Shellfish!
5. Sobriety Up And Left
6. Season Me Right
7. Education
8. Snuck In To Ride It
9. The You, That You Could Use
10. Should've Left Before She Woke
11. Honeydrip
12. [Untitled]

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