Monday, November 23, 2009

'Song of the Week': Pixie Carnation-"When the Lights Go Out"

It's not everyday that you hear a band out of Sweden get compared to Bruce Springsteen. But the new Swedish Americana inspired-rock group, Pixie Carnation evoke images of 'the Boss' with their track, "When Did The Lights Go Out" off of their self-released 3 song EP, Fresh Poems.
The group which is made up of childhood friends Tobias Helkvist and Ola Pålsson, formed in Malmö, Sweden, in late 2007, and completed the line-up with a full backing band complete with drums, cellos, violin, and piano.
Springsteen comparisons aside, the sweeping opening string section of “When Did The Lights Go Out” also brings to mind some Arcade Fire influences as well, before the song jumps into a a full on Americana-orchestral rocker. Check it out for yourself below.

Pixie Carnation-"When the Lights Go Out"

Pixie Carnation on myspace.

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