Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New album from Tape Deck Mountain

Just a few weeks ago Tape Deck Mountain released their debut full length titled, Ghost . The California based and self proclaimed “mid-fi” band is the project of San Diego native Travis Trevisan, who had gotten laid off from his job almost a year ago, and with his newfound spare time put together TDM's debut of fuzzed out tunes. 'Ghost' ranges from quiet intimate moments to loud, booming sonic guitar scorchers, my favorite of which is the track, "On My Honor" which you can hear below.
'Ghost' is out now on Lefse.

On My Honor - Tape Deck Mountain

and also check out the first single off the album, "Ghost Colony."
Tape Deck Mountain- "Ghost Colony" mp3

Tape Deck Mountain-'Ghost'
1. Scantrons
2. F-
3. On My Honor
4. 80/20
5. Dead Doctors Don’t Lie
6. In the Dirt
7. Ghost Colony
8. A+
9. Bat Lies

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