Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The weeks new releases

Here's the list of what we put together for this weeks new releases you might find interesting. Not many big names on the list besides the much hyped new albums from CSS and Black Kids. But besides those, be sure to check out some quality releases from lesser known projects like Windmill, Lackthereof and Bodies of Water that are among the early favorites of this weeks lot.

Here's the list:

CSS- Donkey
Black Kids- Partie Traumatic
Brendan Canning- Something For All Of Us
One Day As a Lion- (self titled) Ep
Natalie Walker- With You
Bodies Of Water- A Certain Feeling
Lackthereof- Bodies Of Water
Avett Brothers- Second Gleam
Faun Fables- A Table Forgotten
Low vs Diamond- (self titled)
Windmill- Puddle City Racing Lights
The Ruling Class- Flowers (single)
Jay Reatrd & Deerhunter- Fluorescent Grey/ Oh It's Such a Shame (single)

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