Monday, July 28, 2008

Paper Route- 'Are We All Forgotten'

Paper Route is a band I first stumbled on a few years back on a compilation of Tennesee musicians titled Ten Out Of Tenn., which featured the phenomenal electronic ballad "Second Chances". Needless to say i was instantly hooked with their work and purchased their self titled Ep at the time. The band is now back with a new 5 song Ep Are We All Forgotten which not only sees them picking up where they left off but going far beyond their earlier work. Paper Route often gets the label as an Americana based band mixed with elements of electronica, maybe due to the fact of being based out of Nashville. But the band is much more than that, with parts indie rock, mixed with pop and ambient soundscapes and doses of electronica, the band has one of the more unique sounds coming out of the Nashville scene that sets them apart.
On the new Ep the bands sound seems hard to restrain, as if built to be played in larger venues that can't hold it back. From the slow building opener "American Clouds" to the title track "Are We All Forgotten" with it's soaring chorus, the group shows great pop sensibilty and depth. "Empty House" takes things to the next level with it's southern rock guitar intertwined with it's breezy melodies, while "You Kill Me" is the most haunting track on the disc with thick layers of synth and strings setting the mood.
The group has been on tour for much of the year working on the live sound, and will continue touring thru much of August in support of the new Ep.
To check the live dates or to listen to tracks off 'Are We All Forgotten', you can visit the bands myspace.

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