Thursday, July 3, 2008

Damien Jurado- New album news

Damien Jurado over the last few years has been best known for his quiet folk tales, a sort of urban storyteller. On his forthcoming new album, Caught In The Trees,which drops on Sept 9th on Secretly Canadian, the singer is said to be returning to more rock influenced roots and delving deeper within himself with more intropective lyrics. The change in direction might remind longtime fans of Jurado's early days playing in the Christian-tinged Coolidge, which featured future Pedro the Lion's David Bazan, whose music was more personal, a style that Jurado departed from to pursue the soft, darker folk songs.
Speaking to CMJ of the new direction Jurado says ...."It is the first time that I have ever written from a personal standpoint, unlike in the past, where all of my songs were short stories. There is a line in one of my songs where I say, 'How does it feel to be what you sing about?..."I'm talking to me".

Starting in August Jurado will be heading out on tour to support the new album. You can listen to the new track "Gillian Was A Horse", which is up on his Myspace now.

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