Tuesday, January 22, 2013

More Things I Missed out on in 2012

So every year I inevitably miss out on tons of great music recommended to me by friends, fellow bloggers, music sites, and put quite simply.. people a lot cooler than me in the know. Last year was no different, but thanks to a most excellent local radio station hear in Austin KUTX, I've been catching up on three new artists the past few weeks. All three were bands/artists I heard of during 2012 but for whatever reason never sat down and gave a proper listen to. So here's what I found.
Kopecky Family Band. These guys are my latest obsession. Heard them on the radio one day last week and about 20 minutes later I was in my living room downloading their album Kids Raising Kids and going crazy over each new song I discovered. Their song "Hope" has been one of my favorites, you can check out a very cool video for the track below.
Kopecky Family Band "Hope" from AK Hottman on Vimeo.
Shovels & Rope. Some foot stomping goodness out of South Carolina. Here's one I completely kicked myself on. I've heard their name mentioned so many times last year but never did the proper clicking to check them out. Their album O' Be Joyful is out now and I can't get off of their track "Birmingham." Here's a mighty fine live version that captures the spirit of the pair from a performance at 89.3 The Current.

and lastly Ryan Bingham. My good friend Rob has been recommending I listen to him for a while now, and again I dropped the ball. Heard him in the car the other day on KUTX and was immediately sold on this raspy voiced Texan. Check out his killer track, "Beg for Broken Legs" off of his latest LP Tomorrowland

Special thanks to KUTX here in Austin for all the good tunes I've found this past month!!

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