Monday, January 7, 2013

East Cameron Folkcore- "Salinger's Dead"

Ever since moving to Austin a few weeks back I've been on a hunt for local music to check out. I've been real impressed with the local scene so far including this brilliant new track I found called "Salinger's Dead" from East Cameron Folkcore. The single comes from a new album the group has on the way titled, For Sale, due out this February 5th.

Here's a little more on the band Via MTV's the Hive: East Cameron Folkcore‘s Allen Dennard has never been a big Salinger fan, but he can credit the author with saving his life. “I read The Catcher in the Rye when I was in high school and it upset me,” he told Hive. “I remember throwing the book across the room when I was done. I remember feeling very hopeless and bitter.” Still, when the author passed, he was inspired to write “Salinger’s Dead” because he was desperate “to get honest about the reasons behind my drinking” and “to recall what it was that upset me so much about the book.” ...
“I just started playing this chord progression I’d been working out and within a couple minutes the song was born,” said Moore. “Not many songs come this easily, and usually when they do, I’m pretty skeptical and just throw them away. But I played it for Allen and the band, and it was well-received, so we started playing it.”

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