Tuesday, October 23, 2012

'Song of the Week': The Falls- "Hey"

I just recently discovered this Australian duo, The Falls. Their 6 track Hollywood EP came out during the Summer and it features fantastic harmonies and emotional songwriting, detailing the pairs relationship & break-up. Give a listen to the track "Hey" below and here's a little description from the bands website: "At a time when for most it would be the end of a relationship, for The Falls this feels like it is just the beginning... Almost subconsciously they have documented their whole relationship in their songs. The love, the betrayal, the heartbreak. While at times it is hard for them to wear their hearts so openly on their sleeve, for The Falls, it has been a huge part of their songwriting. As Stevie Nicks said "devastation leads to writing good things". In the fallout from Valentines Day, The Falls decided that rather than wallowing in self pity they would put their heartbreak to tape. So they pulled out their little tascam 4-track portastudio, which, with all its tape wobbles and noise, aptly captured the fragility of their hearts. These fledgling recordings were just the beginning of what has become their debut EP Hollywood.


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