Tuesday, October 18, 2011

'Song of the Week': Radical Face- "Ghost Towns"

You might have heard of Ben Cooper from his other project, Electric President. I admittedly know of them but am not too familiar with their work. It's his other effort as Radical Face that has me buzzing right now. He just unveiled his second album under the Radical Face moniker called, 'The Family Tree', and thru my first few listens it has blown me away. Simple acoustic and orchestral stuff that reaches in and grabs you. Give a listen two one of my favorite tracks from the disc, "Ghost Towns" which gets our Song of the Week honors this week.

  Radical Face - Ghost Towns - thepopsucker.blogspot.com by the Pop Sucker 

Radical Face-"Ghost Towns"
I've got no need for open roads
Cause all I own fits on my back
I see the world from rusted trains
And always know I won't be back

Cause all my life is wrapped up in today
No past or future here
If I find my name's no good
I just fall out of line

But I miss you
But there's comin' home
There's no comin' home
With a name like mine
I still think of you
But everyone knows
Yeah everyone knows
If you care, let it go

I seen more places than I can name
And over time they all start to look the same
But it ain't that truth we chase
No, it's the promise of a better place

But all this time, I been chasin' down a lie
And I know it for what it is
But it beats the alternatives
So I'll take the lie

I still miss you
There's no goin' home
There's no goin' home
With a name like mine
I still dream of you
But everyone knows
Yeah everyone knows
If you can, let it go


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