Thursday, February 6, 2014

Augustines- "Walkabout"

Augustines second full length album hit stores this week. The self titled disc sees the band turning the page from their debut, which dealt with heartbreaking loss and grief. Eric Sanderson told the Wall Street Journal ...“The core of the record is the concept of a walkabout,” ...Going on a journey to find—re-find—yourself after going through a life-changing experience. What do you do when you make it through the other side? When you can confidently say that you’ve worked through the tragedy? When your life actually starts to mirror the belief you have in yourself? 
Although much of the disc is uptempo, my favorite track at the moment is "Walkabout" which feels like the perfect bridge between their debut disc and new LP. Check out the link below for the bands latest tour info and to order the new album.

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