Friday, September 21, 2012

Matthew Ryan-"She's a Sparrow"

Listening to Matthew Ryan's music always gives me a bit of a nostalgic feeling. I can remember vividly being on a road trip with friends back in '97 & hearing his song, "Guilty" on the radio off his debut album 'Mayday.'  We were so floored by what we were hearing that we immediately found the nearest Tower Records (remember them?) to pick up the CD, and we went on to play the hell out of that disc on our trip, and we've been lifelong fans of his music ever since. Fast forward 15 years and Ryan is still putting out killer music, using the same timeless formula he always has of great storytelling, great music, and a unique point of view. There's never anything flashy, no bells and whistles, but always just enough new influences and a constant hopeless romanticism to his artistry to wow you. He's a throwback as artists go today, and one that we could use more of.

Ryan just released a brand new single titled, "She's a Sparrow" off his forthcoming album In The Dusk of Everything and it doesn't disappoint. The new album is self released & it comes out October 30th. Find out how to get it here, and be sure to listen & read along below.

She's A Sparrow
I'm leaving here
different then when i came
things can't be
what they were once they've changed

but let's go down to the mercy
let's play all the songs we loved
let's relive all that was beautiful
as if beauty was enough
i can still hear the laughter
over late nights in the flood
of a roar that broke a bright and brilliant heart
is it just too late or can't we even start.. again?

we settled down
time and disappointments took their toll
until we both stopped trying
and the summer turned to snow

now the sky is full of airplanes
no you can't make a wish
but you could throw your arms around me
like you did before all this
I'm sorry that i hurt you
i was lost and turning cruel
but i swear none of that darkness my love
was meant for you

she's a sparrow
and i'm a street
she's a sparrow
and i'm a street
she's a sparrow
and i'm a street
and i'll watch her float away
from me

Produced by David Ricketts & Matthew Ryan

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